ToDG: More OManga issue and our thoughts

17 Jun. 2018 ·  RonBWL  ·  Tales of Demons and Gods

Well, life's never been easy for Scanlators and it can't be any more apparent to us that the OManga folks won't back down from their sniping act in an attempt to cash grab.

After getting shut down on MangaDex for their blatant attempt to cash grab by half-releasing chapter + ad-infested site, the folks at OManga (Now called "MangaYo") decide to not fight fire with fire and toned down the ads their site somewhat, in addition to fully upload the chapter on MangaDex instead. Because of this, they managed to avoid rule breaking and thus allowed to stay - so, we're back to square one when this team will just snipe all future ToDG chapters as fast as they can with sub-par edit and low quality raw.

What are our thoughts? Frankly said we did the same thing back in the ReadMangaToday time by taking over ToDG after 3 weeks of no release, and at first we didn't do too well either - but one thing we know that we strive to improve and release as fast as we could, so we have no regret. Nowadays, the ToDG team is working very efficiently and new chapters are scanlated very fast, so we don't feel like dropping at any time soon (Not to mention the official license is still in place). STILL, we have no rights to stop OManga or any other group out there to make their own version (In fact that's the reason we teamed up with ReadManhua to help with early access release!). So at the end of the day, we'll just carry on with our ToDG scans - releasing new chapters as fast as we can, at highest possible quality we can deliver.


While it might not be healthy for us to say this, showing support to snipping group may or may not be in your best interest - if you can tolerate OManga's early release, you're more than welcome to visit their website and earn them money (WARNING: While the popups and ad-blocker-whatever-it-is are gone, there are still tons of shortened links and ad-fly stuff!). HOWEVER, if you do believe Hatigarm Scans deserve to be the lead ToDG scanlating group, please support us by spreading the word and let people know that we are doing this series officially, and it's not cool to snipe us nor trying to cash grab with low grade release solely to lure readers to another site. Avoid such release and wait for the HQ version, or visit ReadManhua's YouTube channel if you really want to read new chapter ASAP.

Thanks for reading