The release of Deception

11 Jul. 2018 ·  RonBWL  ·  Deception

Yo folks - if you guys are confused by the release of Deception, namely its CL/TS quality, I'd like to give a short explanation. This was a comissioned project we did for another publisher who wished to adapt our quality TL - however, rather than the full-fledged work like with ToDG, they only commissioned us to do TL and PR, and the rest is on them. This explains the somewhat sloppy and subpar CL/TS presented in the Deception release, since it was not done by Hatigarm Scans at all. Still, the scans are given back to us for releasing on the reader so we did just that, without any editing (Because our staff are rather busy with our own project at this moment).

We hope you understand this, and continue to support us in the future :D