Shomin Sample Vol.14 available

Well it's finally here folks, Vol.14 for SS is now on sale :D Grab it on if you are into Kindle :D

On another note, we're going to acquire the raw and process to merge the rest of Vol.14 (Chapter 74 75 and 76) to the standard format - this includes a new cover starting next release and the Table of Content, as well as any additional bonus pages from the Vol raw that wasn't presented in the Magazine release. There are some notable change that we have to adapt as well (Namely ***SPOILER!*** uncesored Aika scene!), so there's that to consider too.

Kitsune got us a free version of Vol.14 raw, but after taking a look, I've come to conclude that the quality is too terrible to be used, so we're gonna have to buy the release on Kindle if we want to keep up with Magazine raw quality. Thankfully lord Hati has agreed to back us up on this so I don't have to fund the raw myself :D

The Shomin Sample Team