Shomin Sample is going to end on C81

Yo Commoners - you might've read this around the internet by now, and to be honest we're just as shocked as you guys to know that Shomin Sample is, indeed, going to end right next month. Just last night, me and Kitsune were still discussing about when SS will end and we both predicted a next year date since Okusama ga Setokaichou has just ended and the author will release a new series next year (You know, one ends, a new one comes in to fill the slot). BUT, this is not the case for Shomin Sample - after digging throuh the raw more carefully, Kitsune noticed a "grand finale" text on C80 and Risumai sensei also twitted earlier that Chapter 81 is indeed the final chapter.

I really can't explain why this happened, seeing that Shomin Sample is still quite popular and the manga is nowhere near the original Light Novel's ending just yet - going by our prediction, it'd take at least 10 more chapters to reach the "LN end" route - so either this series was axed for whatever reason, or the ending has been rewritten after the fans threw the fit for what appeared to be a lame ending in the Light Novel version. We'll have to check out C81 to be sure of this, but if I have to guess, the rewritten ending will either be open end or it just straight adapted the LN end but skipped a whole bunch of contents on that part (Sorry folks, no more final confession from the Commoner Club girls!)

So, what are we gonna do with the scanlation?

I've talked with Kitsune and we all agreed to push out Shomin Sample and finish it as soon as we can, now that we know we only have 1 more chapter to collect. The following weeks will surely be busy for us - I still have to finish RD/CL/Pre-TS Chapter 80 while Kitsune does the TL in the background. We hope to release 78 79 and 80 in a timely manner so that we can get 81 on time and then release it accordingly. So stick with us and stay tuned - we may've lost the battle, but we'll fight to the end and get the ending no matter what :D

Kitsune & Ron.