3D Kanojo: F.A.Q

29 Jun. 2018 ·  RonBWL  ·  3D Kanojo

It was fun looking back at older projects I worked on, and since some new questions have been brought to my attention, I'd like to address this somewhat, so hopefully you guys will not hate me too much in the future :D

Why did the manga "end" at Chapter 47? I saw 48 chapters on MyAnimeList!

This is something that confused a lot of people since the old days - MAL lists total chapters of a manga, counting the omake/extra (.5) one. 3D Kanojo indeed has one extra chapter, titled 11.5, so in total it has 48 chapters. But for the main chapters, there are only 47, so the manga ended at C47.

I read the raw and part A, part B, part C... is different, are you a lousy TL?

I'll say this again that I did not TL 3D Kanojo from JP raw, but rather from the Vietnamese scan. Whatever happened with the mismatched TL between JP raw and English TL was a result of double-translation that I couldn't really control. Back when 3D Kanojo was scanlated, we did not have any pro Proofreader, so all Ecch1 / Austin Thomson could do are pointing our grammar/spelling errors and correcting some parts. Otherwise they can't really tell if a word choice is questionable or not (Arichii is much better in this section, but unfortunately she wasn't there at that time).

Why did you randomly add character's names and references into the bubble even though it wasn't in the raw?

3D Kanojo was one of those dialogue-confusing manga where multiple one shows up without any directions, and the one next to a character is not even their line. After a few first chapters released, people have been asking me to make it easier to read and thus I improvised that method to specifically spell out who's talking to who in most scenarios.

What's with the weird TS with no hyphens and punctuations?

I was a complete noob Typesetter back then, and sometimes the bubbles are so small that adding hyphens into it is literally impossible. I was assuming people would link the word together on-the-fly while reading in most case, but ultimately I came to realize that some words can be hard to tell if written without hyphens (i.e girlfriend vs girl friend). This was one of my legacy project for that reason, to remember the time that I'm still learning and improving.

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