3D Kanojo: Epilogue chapter

15 Jul. 2018 ·  RonBWL  ·  3D Kanojo

So I was surprised, there is actually a 47.5 chapter that I never knew existed when I first scanlated this series - it's gone unnoticed by everyone for a while. But recently another group picked it up and scanlated it, thus completing the 3DK story that we know and love, giving us a little bit more insight on Tsutsui & Iroha's post-wedding life (Too bad some plotholes are still not explained). Either way, I'm glad that we can now close the 3DK's book completely with a high note (maybe not for Itou & Ayado's fans though).

Since this chapter was not scanlated by Hatigarm, I'm going to be respectful for MissMystery94 & Carrot the Xin and don't upload it to our reader. Give them some love and read it on MangaDex here - https://mangadex.org/chapter/408502